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Vacuously variegated vagaries vvvv...

Philip's stream of consciousness starts below...

15 January
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I'm a chorister/IT geek/Doctor Who freak/eccentric living in Melbourne. That's enough for now...
absinthe, aicsa, all your base, altos, anal sex, antoine brumel, apple, architecture, are belong to us, art, arthur c clarke, astronomy, australia, australian rules football, bach, bad wolf, beethoven, berlioz, bert is evil, bike shorts, bisexuality, blake's 7, books, brumel, cat power, cats, ce horsley, cheese, chocolate, choirs, choral music, choral singing, choral-chat, choristers, classical music, claudio monteverdi, cleavage, coffee, composing, computers, cornetti, corsetry, corsets, countertenors, cricket, debussy, democracy, devon rex, dirk gently, doctor who, doug anthony all stars, douglas adams, dr who, drambuie, dvds, early music, erotica, farnarkling, food, geeks, gothic symphony, gurrelieder, gustav mahler, harry potter, havergal brian, hector berlioz, holst, hugs, indian food, intelligent conversation, intervarsity choral festivals, iron chef, italie, iv, j.k. rowling, james bond, johannes ockeghem, josquin, josquin desprez, js bach, kittens, kubla khan, lassus, ligeti, literature, lord of the rings, lordoftherings, lotr, ludwig van, lycra clad cyclists, macintosh, mahler, men, monteverdi, monty python, movies, mozart, mucs, music, musicology, ockeghem, orchestral music, orchestration, palm pilots, penguins, physics, portmeirion, reading, respighi, rocs, roman empire, sauna, sbs, schoenberg, schubert, science fiction, scifi, shiny things, sibelius, singing, skinny runts, song, stephen baxter, sudoku, symphonies, symphony, tallis, tardis, tenors, test matches, the goodies, the goon show, the prisoner, the x-files, they might be giants, theymightbegiants, thomas tallis, tmbg, tolkien, tom baker, tums, wanking, weird al yankovic, weirdness, why this, wine, women, writing, yes minister,